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Naga Towers, Block Package O, Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT), Gandhinagar, India
…a stunning modern take on a traditional Indian architectural theme
Described as the “Guardians of the City”, the 54-story Nāga Towers, designed as a modern Indian architectural interpretation the cherished Indian cultural symbol of the Nāga (snake) and is is just one of the many towers coming up in India’s largest greenfield megaproject, the Gujarat International Finance Tech-City .

^ The stunning Naga Towers. All pics in this article courtesy ECADI Architects and GIFT

As fitting a tower designed to push the boundaries of futurist Indian architecture, great care and thought has been put into the symbolism and design of these commercial towers as in India’s traditional architecture. It will be among the tallest and most striking towers in GIFT’s 80+ skyscraper skyline.

^ Snakes!!
^^ On a tower!!!!!!!

… for lots more more information on the project, including renderings and prerenderings of the towers, read on!



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IGI’s new domestic terminal dubbed T1D is all set to start operating on April 14. Designed by the prolific architect Hafeez Contractor, the new terminal has almost double the space of the 70 year old terminal 1B. Once Terminal 3 is thrown open in April 2010, T1D will cater solely to Low Cost Carriers. The terminal has 8 entry gates, 72 check-in counters and 16 security channels. Apart from those, the spanking new terminal will have a retail bazaar, a smoking room, a baby care room, wi-fi services, kids playing area and an entertainment zone among other things.

Some stats from an article in TOI:


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I’m back folks and my new posts will now be in a different format. Instead of posting weekly infra updates that take a long time to compile, I’ll be posting new posts on-the-go for each project. This will save me some time and make more (read:every little piece of) information available for each project to you.


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