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I’m back folks and my new posts will now be in a different format. Instead of posting weekly infra updates that take a long time to compile, I’ll be posting new posts on-the-go for each project. This will save me some time and make more (read:every little piece of) information available for each project to you.



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^ *sigh*

So… remember how a few months ago I posted about how the Indian Skyscraper Blog had made its triumphant march back into the land of the living??? (*hint*: scroll down the page)

Well f@$% me.

Yeah, sorry guys and gals. Once again I’m totally and completely overcome by busyness and this blog, after lurching gloriously forward for a week, has once again fallen flat on its face.

I’m sorry I’m sorry, I really am. But I just can’t find the time to update the blog as often as I should…

And dammit, its not that there’s NOT been any jawdropping news in Indian urbanism since that fateful post either, like….

  • A whole slew of awesome “tallest buildings” announced
  • A metric crapton(ne) of amazing architecture
  • A veritable grip of new airports
  • New metro and subway lines up the friggin ass
  • ETC*sob*

I hate that this blog is just sitting here looking pretty (though pretty damn sexy, if you ask me, in any case) while all this is going on...

So I’m open to anyone’s suggestions on how I can kick-start this blog!

Are there aspiring writers/bloggers/architecture-freaks out there who want in this exclusive and hoity-toity club?

Any fans who wanna help out?

Please drop me a note as a comment in this message, or email me at
indianskyscraperblog (at) yahoo (dot) com!


-Felonious Vindaloo

PS: In the meantime, check out Skyscrapercity.com’s India Forum for your skyscraper ka phix

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WE’RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

^ The ISB triumphantly returns!

Hi everybody!

Hooray! Huzzah! It’s official!

We at the Indian Skyscraper Blog (well me, at least) are officially back!

Yeah yeah.. I let the blog go to shit over the last couple months. Broken images, confused tables, screwed up formatting, broken dreams and shattered lives. Posts woefully out of date. Massively important news stories and updates missing and unreported. It was a tragedy, indeed.

But the times, they’re a-changin’!

Not only have a turned it around like a master deejay, but starting today, I am going to update the hell out of this blog, with new posts, content and images.

I promised it before, and I will again, soon, hopefully, I can scrounge the time to migrate this blog to its own domain. But before that, I need to bring this blog back up to date.

In addition to posts about new projects, I’ll be posting updates of the to the projects already posted. I’ll also start posting fortnightly Mumbai news and projects updates starting from several months ago – i.e. I’m going to post a whole slew of them, until we get back up to date.

I’ll also mercilessly shame and shun the other guys here at ISB until they start posting again too.

So, rejoice!, for ISB is back.

-Felonious Vindaloo

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Just want to apologize for not updating this blog in a while. Not cause news or developments have suddenly dried up — not hardly — just that I am so insanely pressed for time that this pet project of mine has been on the backburner.

But don’t worry, I’ll hopefully have more free time by the end of this month and have been writing a ton of posts that will give you guys an awesome rundown of all the news, developments and updates that have come about.

When it rains it pours, and you guys will be overrun with information. I promise!

Also, hopefully soon we’ll be migrating to our own domain, so you guys can take great solace in that.

In the meantime, enjoy this photo and its many levels of awesomeness:

PS: thank you  to Ajay for administering some CPR to this place.

We haven’t gone into cardiac arest (not yet anyway), just a mid-summer’s hibernation.

Watch this space!


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Technopark Phase IGreetings, one and all. I had been added to the blog as an author a couple of months ago, but haven’t managed a word since. Profound apologies for that. Saying that I got married and was carried away with that may sound like an excuse, but I don’t think so myself.

In his generous introduction, Jai had mentioned that I hail from Trivandrum. Beyond that I am a management professional, an ex-strategy consultant, with a deep interest in all things civil, massive and tall. Right now I work for one of the world’s top property development firms which has recently entered India (hush-hush, but they are building something which just beat the pants off Taipei 101….lol!)

I will try and maintain a regular update of the vertical and horizontal happenings from Trivandrum and the rest of Kerala.

Trivandrum is a city of over a million people and the greenest of its size in the country. It is the capital of Kerala and traces its history back nearly 2000 years, having been the capital of many a powerful kingdom. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India with its combination of beautiful beaches, culture, architecture and much more.

Of late, it has also become a top Tier II IT destination. The Technopark, located here, is the largest single IT park in India with over 3.5 million sq.ft of completed space and another 4 million sq.ft in various stages of development. Its tenants include Infosys, TCS, UST Global, IBS, Mckinsey, E&Y, Allianz, Tata Elxsi, NEST, McFaden, Office Tiger and more than 125 other firms from across the world. Last year IT exports reached Rs 1200 Crores placing it just behind Kolkata in the pecking order and 18,000 IT/ITES professionals are employed here as of today. Technopark has an aggressive growth plan charted out, which will make it one of the largest IT/knowledge ecosystems in the world with an extent of close to 1000 acres. You can read more at the Technopark thread at Skyscrapercity.com


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This is IndiansUnite,the new infra author on the blog. Now lets not get into the intricate reason for such a name but lets get down to business. Since I joined the Skyscrapercity forum ,I have chiefly been providing updates on major infrastructure projects – from the under construction Delhi Metro Rail to the Mumbai Metro Rail to the Bangalore Elevated Toll Highway and so forth in the form of images and news.

As an author of this shiny new blog, starting this sunday, I will provide updates on all major infrastructure projects on a weekly basis for now. This includes updates on Indias new highways under the National Highway Development Plan(NHDP) , news from the various Metro rails planned and under construction, city road infrastructure (grade separators ,underpasses) and updates on airports and transportation from all over Indiyeah!

Signing off

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Hi guys

Our blog just keeps growing!

First off, let me just introduce two new members to the team:

AjayPP — coming from the SSC India forum like the rest of us, Ajay is our resident Trivandrum guru, and has an awesome blog himself about that booming city by the sea! Check it out at:
Trivandrum Rising – Our city tomorrow

IndiansUnite — also coming from the SSC India forum, IndiansUnite is our resident Infrastructure rishi, who plans to bring everybody updates on India’s major infrastructure projects


Secondly, we’re introducing a new feature here at the Indian Skycraper Blog: the City weekly roundup!

For the sake of organization, basically, we’re going to gather up all the weekly or bi-weekly city development news garnered through discussions at SSC India and present them to you in a digest form.

Exceptional projects, ranging from major townships, to skyscrapers, to infrastructure, that warrant their own posts will get them, but I expect that the weekly roundup posts will be the mainstay of this blog.

You can see an example of what I mean in the first weekly roundup post:
MUMBAI | Weekly Roundup | 22 July, 07 — 29 July, 07


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