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Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure (APIIC) Trade Tower, Manchirevula , Hyderabad, India

…Hyderabad’s and India’s first approved Supertall skyscraper, Hyderabad’s second 100+ storey building

Sorry for not posting about this major development sooner, guys, but we only do this blog in our spare time, and unfortunately that’s been a little short as of late 😦

But big news this is… early this month construction started on the APIIC Trade Tower (tentative name), which would be the 100 storey/450 meter towering centerpiece of the 11 million square feet Manchirevula Business district, surrounded by ten to twelve 30 storeyed towers.

The tower, designed by renowned British architect Norman Foster, to be constructed by a Reliance Energy/Sobha Developers consortium, is on the fast track, with expected completion within 3 years, and the rest of the business district within 5.

Although the tower’s designed has been approved by the famous Indian architect Hafeez Contractor-led Manchirevula CBD approval committee, apperantly the Hyderabad powers-that-be decided that they really don’t need to deign to show it to the general public. Typical. So sorry, no pictures yet 😦

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