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Raheja Platinum, Upper Worli, Mumbai, India
…In the running for the title of the Tallest Tower in Mumbai!

What may very well be Mumbai’s tallest known tower, and one of India’s tallest commercial towers had been announced by K Raheja Universal Builders!

The 85 floor (!) nearly 300m tall signature Raheja Platinum skyscraper is the one of those towers that aims that will break the mental/cultural dam holding back corporate skyscraper construction in Mumbai.

^ Standing (very) tall at 85 stories, Raheja Platinum
Pic courtesy K Raheja Universal

Located in Upper Worli (aka Lower Parel), Raheja Platinum will rub shoulders with a slew of supertalls and skyscrapers that represent the transformation of old textile mill land to worldclass real estate.

For more information, location maps and renderings of the other proposed designs to the tower, read on!



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Ahuja Towers, Worli, Mumbai, India
… aka the 54 story tower that says Worli just won’t quit

Yup, that’s two Worli skyscraper posts in a row. Why? Only cause Mumbai’s Worli neighborhood is one of the most happening places in India for skyscraper construction!

Ahuja Towers, claims developer, Ahuja Group via lead architects P&T Group, Singapore, aims to be “one of the tallest residential buildings in Mumbai!” They’re not kidding, either. The project comprises two adjoining towers of 20,000 sq. m that I estimate will be just shy of 200m tall, which will complement the other 200m+ buildings coming up in the area.

^ Ahuja Towers
Pic courtesy P&T Group and Atelier ADT architects

The project features a 10-story carpark with a pool and amenities on top, extensive greenery and has its first condo starting on the 14th floor, guaranteeing spectacular panoramic views of Mumbai and the Indian Ocean.

For more information and renderings of the other proposed designs to the tower, read on!


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RNA 360, Worli, Mumbai, India
… Another interesting twist to the growing Woli neighborhood skyline

Bo why does a measly 30 story building warrant its own mention?

Because RNA Builders‘s proposed RNA 360 may be one of the coolest little towers coming up in Mumbai!

^ RNA 360, in all its pre-rendered glory
Pic courtesy RNA Builders

About several months ago, a very unique-looking tower appeared on Mumbai Property Exchange. No information was given on builder, location or architect. This was then posted in Skyscrapercity’s Mumbai Project Update thread. The rendering showed a 30 floor tower whose design appears to be a natural extension to the organic “plant stalk” design trend in new Mumbai buildings (probably most visibly exemplified by Indiabulls’s Jupiter Mills Tower in nearby Parel.)

^ Big-brother Stalky, Jupiter Mills Tower (left), also coming up in Mumbai
Pic courtesy FXFowle and Indiabulls

After RNA Builders updated their website, it was revealed that they were the builders behind the project, and that it was (apty) called RNA 360, presumably for the 360 degree view of the Indian Ocean and Mumbai skyline it will afford its tenants.

For more information, about this project read on!…


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Ariisto Heaven, Mulund (West), Mumbai, India
… Mulund, Mumbai wakes up to a skyline!

Although rather low key compared to some of the other property developers in Mumbai, Ariisto Developers is undertaking the largest ever proposed project in Mumbai’s Mulund neighborhood, and one of the largest single projects in Mumbai.

The project consists of 14 towers of over 40 stories each (including podiums) all clustered together…

^ One tower 45 floor, four towers of 40 floors each…

^ Five towers of 40 floors each…

^ and four more towers of 40 floors each
All pics courtesy Ariisto Developers

While the Mulund area is no stranger to highrises, these towers coming up together will add a significant amount of girth to the skyline, and will feature one of Mulund’s tallest buildings, at 45 floors high. Comprising a total of at least 14 towers and an unspecified number of lowrise buildings, Ariisto Heaven comprises 8,000,000 sq ft and represents a $750 million investment.

For more information on this township, including more renderings, read on!…


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Oberoi Skyz, Worli, Mumbai, India
… possibly Mumbai’s tallest twin tower and once Mumbai’s tallest u/c tower projects

Oberoi Skyz by Oberoi Constructions is one of the first skyscrapers proposed for the now growing Worli skyine.

Touted as a super-lux development, Oberoi Constructions apparently didn’t even deign to advertise, but instead targeted über-rich individual clients including Indian sports stars, industry tycoons and A-list Bollywood celebs.

^ The Oberoi Skyz twin residential towers
Pic courtesy ConstructionWorld and Oberoi Constructions

In contrast to many of the unique architectural gems coming up in Mumbai, Oberoi Skyz is decidedly run-of-the-mill. Comprising two towers of 65 floors, each with one unit per floor, the towers are located smack dab in the middle of Mumbai’s Worli neighborhood’s bourgening skyline where it will rub shoulders with equally tall towers and even taller supertalls.

So while the architecture of the 65-story twin towers (50 stories + 15 floor podium) is nothing special, this was not always the case. Skyz it was one of the first towers in Mumbai whose developers thought tall. The project was originally supposed to be a massive “rocket-shaped” tower 90 stories/345 meters tall, but were denied clearance because they would interfere with a nearby TV tower.

Thankfully, that era of thinking in Mumbai is coming to a close, with even taller towers having since been approved in virtually the same area as Oberoi Skyz. So you can say that this tower was either proposed too soon and was thus shortened, or the legal wrangling surrounding this tower’s approval paved the way for other, taller projects.

For more information on this tower, including articles and renderings, read on!…


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DB Tower, Marine Lines, Mumbai, India
…In the running for Mumbai’s tallest tower title, and an awesome redesign
to an already awesome design (you see where we’re going with this?)

(an project update as of 07 Oct, 08!)

Yeah… I’m man enough to admit it…


Remember our post detailing a brand spaking new tower to be built alongside Mumbai’s tallest tower proposal, India Tower, and how we went on about how cool that was?

^ Yeah, OK, I get it. Jeez.

Well, whoops, here’s the real scoop, also cool but also somewhat disappointing. wait for it… wait for it…

India Tower and Dynamix-Balwas Tower (DB Tower) are one and the same!

Yup! One of India and the World’s greenest towers has changed in name and design! Rotating-Blocky India tower is officially redesigned and rebadged as DB Tower, the flagship project of DB Realty. In our defense, until fairly recently the all information that had been made public has been confused and contradictory.

^ DB Tower = new India Tower = new hotness.
Image courtesy MQA Architects.

The finalized design will be huge — at 75 stories of residential and untold more in lobbies, sky lobbies and utility floors, and boasting a height and crown that will push this supertall to over 400 meters! Like its India Tower precursor, it will be of mixed (residential + hotel) use. Construction will soon commence with an aim for completion by 2011.

Indeed the DB Tower, like the erstwhile India tower, is still going to be LEED Platinum certified, and is designed by the same architects, Fox and Fowle (FXFOWLE).

For more information, including articles, floor plans and site pics, read on!…


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WE’RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

^ The ISB triumphantly returns!

Hi everybody!

Hooray! Huzzah! It’s official!

We at the Indian Skyscraper Blog (well me, at least) are officially back!

Yeah yeah.. I let the blog go to shit over the last couple months. Broken images, confused tables, screwed up formatting, broken dreams and shattered lives. Posts woefully out of date. Massively important news stories and updates missing and unreported. It was a tragedy, indeed.

But the times, they’re a-changin’!

Not only have a turned it around like a master deejay, but starting today, I am going to update the hell out of this blog, with new posts, content and images.

I promised it before, and I will again, soon, hopefully, I can scrounge the time to migrate this blog to its own domain. But before that, I need to bring this blog back up to date.

In addition to posts about new projects, I’ll be posting updates of the to the projects already posted. I’ll also start posting fortnightly Mumbai news and projects updates starting from several months ago – i.e. I’m going to post a whole slew of them, until we get back up to date.

I’ll also mercilessly shame and shun the other guys here at ISB until they start posting again too.

So, rejoice!, for ISB is back.

-Felonious Vindaloo

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