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I’m back folks and my new posts will now be in a different format. Instead of posting weekly infra updates that take a long time to compile, I’ll be posting new posts on-the-go for each project. This will save me some time and make more (read:every little piece of) information available for each project to you.



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^ *sigh*

So… remember how a few months ago I posted about how the Indian Skyscraper Blog had made its triumphant march back into the land of the living??? (*hint*: scroll down the page)

Well f@$% me.

Yeah, sorry guys and gals. Once again I’m totally and completely overcome by busyness and this blog, after lurching gloriously forward for a week, has once again fallen flat on its face.

I’m sorry I’m sorry, I really am. But I just can’t find the time to update the blog as often as I should…

And dammit, its not that there’s NOT been any jawdropping news in Indian urbanism since that fateful post either, like….

  • A whole slew of awesome “tallest buildings” announced
  • A metric crapton(ne) of amazing architecture
  • A veritable grip of new airports
  • New metro and subway lines up the friggin ass
  • ETC*sob*

I hate that this blog is just sitting here looking pretty (though pretty damn sexy, if you ask me, in any case) while all this is going on...

So I’m open to anyone’s suggestions on how I can kick-start this blog!

Are there aspiring writers/bloggers/architecture-freaks out there who want in this exclusive and hoity-toity club?

Any fans who wanna help out?

Please drop me a note as a comment in this message, or email me at
indianskyscraperblog (at) yahoo (dot) com!


-Felonious Vindaloo

PS: In the meantime, check out Skyscrapercity.com’s India Forum for your skyscraper ka phix

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Block Package E, Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT), Gandhinagar, India
…One of the many world-class commercial skyscrapers gracing the GIFT skyline!

This yet-to-be-formally-named commercial project, currently known by its Block Package designation, is just one of the many towers coming up in India’s largest greenfield megaproject, the Gujarat International Finance Tech-City. At 65 and 2 x 60 floors, the three towers in Block Package E will be amongst the tallest in the upcoming 80+ skyscraper skyline.

^ The handsome mixed-use proposal for GIFT’s Block E.
All pics in this article courtesy ECADI Architects and GIFT

… for lots more more information on the project, including renderings and prerenderings of the towers, read on!


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DB Tower, Marine Lines, Mumbai, India
…In the running for Mumbai’s tallest tower title, and an awesome redesign
to an already awesome design (you see where we’re going with this?)

(an project update as of 07 Oct, 08!)

Yeah… I’m man enough to admit it…


Remember our post detailing a brand spaking new tower to be built alongside Mumbai’s tallest tower proposal, India Tower, and how we went on about how cool that was?

^ Yeah, OK, I get it. Jeez.

Well, whoops, here’s the real scoop, also cool but also somewhat disappointing. wait for it… wait for it…

India Tower and Dynamix-Balwas Tower (DB Tower) are one and the same!

Yup! One of India and the World’s greenest towers has changed in name and design! Rotating-Blocky India tower is officially redesigned and rebadged as DB Tower, the flagship project of DB Realty. In our defense, until fairly recently the all information that had been made public has been confused and contradictory.

^ DB Tower = new India Tower = new hotness.
Image courtesy MQA Architects.

The finalized design will be huge — at 75 stories of residential and untold more in lobbies, sky lobbies and utility floors, and boasting a height and crown that will push this supertall to over 400 meters! Like its India Tower precursor, it will be of mixed (residential + hotel) use. Construction will soon commence with an aim for completion by 2011.

Indeed the DB Tower, like the erstwhile India tower, is still going to be LEED Platinum certified, and is designed by the same architects, Fox and Fowle (FXFOWLE).

For more information, including articles, floor plans and site pics, read on!…


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Gujarat International Finance Tech-City, Gandhinagar, India

…India’s biggest major planned skyscraper CBD outside Mumbai, Gujarat’s and India’s tallest commercial skyscraper, Gujarat’s first major commercial skyscraper, and one of the biggest single megaprojects in India!

The Indian Skyscraper Race is ON.

This last year has been big for Indian architecture and development fans. A total of 7 megaprojects with supertall towers have been either approved or beginning construction (sadly, only a handful of them with renderings released), each of them vying to grab the coveted title of “India’s Tallest Building.”

But this latest project, located at Gandhinagar, the capital city of the über-industrial Indian state of Gujarat, and nearby the state’s commercial capital of Ahmedabad, its a home-run hit deep to left field (or maybe I should try to speak in cricket terms… a deep sixer(??)) Why? Although it may not necessarily win the title of India’s tallest building (not for long anyway), the project certainly has all the megaprojects made public beat in terms of sheer massing and scale.

For more information, renderings and news of this project originally posted by me on Skyscrapercity.com, read on!…


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Hi guys

Our blog just keeps growing!

First off, let me just introduce two new members to the team:

AjayPP — coming from the SSC India forum like the rest of us, Ajay is our resident Trivandrum guru, and has an awesome blog himself about that booming city by the sea! Check it out at:
Trivandrum Rising – Our city tomorrow

IndiansUnite — also coming from the SSC India forum, IndiansUnite is our resident Infrastructure rishi, who plans to bring everybody updates on India’s major infrastructure projects


Secondly, we’re introducing a new feature here at the Indian Skycraper Blog: the City weekly roundup!

For the sake of organization, basically, we’re going to gather up all the weekly or bi-weekly city development news garnered through discussions at SSC India and present them to you in a digest form.

Exceptional projects, ranging from major townships, to skyscrapers, to infrastructure, that warrant their own posts will get them, but I expect that the weekly roundup posts will be the mainstay of this blog.

You can see an example of what I mean in the first weekly roundup post:
MUMBAI | Weekly Roundup | 22 July, 07 — 29 July, 07


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~ SRI ~

Ganapati in the Hizzouse!

Namaste, Vanakkam, Sat Sri Akal and What Up all you architecture, infrastructure and urban development fans out there!Welcome to what is planned (what I plan, anyway) to be the most comprehensive blog on Indian urban and real estate development on the net (you heard it here first!)

I hope to bring the most concise information collected through open sources about this exciting time in India’s booming urban development, brought to you by all of us on Skyscrapercity.com’s India Section, where I post under the name “Jai”

What does this mean exactly? First thing’s first: This ain’t a bloody real estate blog, so don’t bug me about how much 3-bedroom apartment prices in Barrackpore are or whatever. This is a blog by Indian architecture, infrastructure, urban planning and urban development enthusiasts from Skyscrapercity.com’s India Section, dedicated to chronicling the major projects, skyscrapers, buildings, temples, airports and highways of India and whatever else strikes our fancy.

“Why, but my dear chap, whatever is an ‘Indian urban development enthusiast?’”, you may be asking. Firstly, stop talking in a falsetto British accent, you jag, and secondly, an “urban development enthusiast” according to the Offifical FeloniousVindaloo Dictionary of the English Language is, and I quote:

In·di·an Ur·ban De·vel·op·ment En·thu·si·ast

ˈin-dē-ən ‘ər-bən di-ˈve-ləp-mənt in-ˈthü-zē-əst

· Noun: Fans of Indian architecture, infrastructure, mega-, mini- and any other construction projects that contribute positively to the feeling of “urbanity” in India — and the people who love them.

In short, we — I in particular — have NO monetary, business or any other [insert legal jargon covers my ass here] interest in Indian real estate. We are just lay people, students and whatever who have an interest in architecture. In the case of me, I don’t have any money to invest in even if I wanted to. So we’ll bring to you all the news about all the latest developments of Indian architecture, with a informational, helpful and hopefully witty running commentary that cuts through all the bullshit and gives you the real scoop on what’s hot in the world of Indian architecture.

So, that being said, prepare to sit on the edge of your hats, and hold on to your seats or whatever ’cause we be breaking onto the world wide web — giving YOU information on the Indian Urban Development scene FOR and BY Indian Urban Development Enthusiasts!-Felonious Vindaloo

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