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Technopark Phase IGreetings, one and all. I had been added to the blog as an author a couple of months ago, but haven’t managed a word since. Profound apologies for that. Saying that I got married and was carried away with that may sound like an excuse, but I don’t think so myself.

In his generous introduction, Jai had mentioned that I hail from Trivandrum. Beyond that I am a management professional, an ex-strategy consultant, with a deep interest in all things civil, massive and tall. Right now I work for one of the world’s top property development firms which has recently entered India (hush-hush, but they are building something which just beat the pants off Taipei 101….lol!)

I will try and maintain a regular update of the vertical and horizontal happenings from Trivandrum and the rest of Kerala.

Trivandrum is a city of over a million people and the greenest of its size in the country. It is the capital of Kerala and traces its history back nearly 2000 years, having been the capital of many a powerful kingdom. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India with its combination of beautiful beaches, culture, architecture and much more.

Of late, it has also become a top Tier II IT destination. The Technopark, located here, is the largest single IT park in India with over 3.5 million sq.ft of completed space and another 4 million sq.ft in various stages of development. Its tenants include Infosys, TCS, UST Global, IBS, Mckinsey, E&Y, Allianz, Tata Elxsi, NEST, McFaden, Office Tiger and more than 125 other firms from across the world. Last year IT exports reached Rs 1200 Crores placing it just behind Kolkata in the pecking order and 18,000 IT/ITES professionals are employed here as of today. Technopark has an aggressive growth plan charted out, which will make it one of the largest IT/knowledge ecosystems in the world with an extent of close to 1000 acres. You can read more at the Technopark thread at Skyscrapercity.com


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